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Greetings! I'm Ricardo Mestre, yada yada yada... from Lisbon, Portugal.

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I do web design and front-end development!

My projects

Dusk at the Mansion
My band! Shake it, baby!
Green Tone Bits
A monthly MP3jing session! Free digital music! Creative Commons!
DJ! Pop is beautiful!
Solo musician! New release: Long Live Today EP!

What's with that "about blank" stuff?

Don't look at me, man!

We're ghosts!

We're... what?!

I'm floating!

Me too!

Actually, I don't like exclamation marks!!

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This website was designed and developed by me.

It uses HTML 4.01 Strict for markup and CSS 3 techniques for presentational elements.

Eye-candy tricks are provided by the open-source jQuery Javascript library and a couple of plugins (Background-Position, ColorBox, jQuery Easing & Preload Css Images).

This website won't be half as fun on Internet Explorer as it would be on any decent browser, e.g., Firefox, Google Chrome & Safari. Actually, it says goodbye to IE6.


Hat tip to Leo Xavier and Luís Abreu for the Javascript and jQuery expertness!

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